Butter-ful moments in 2021 - BTS (방탄소년단)

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Every moment we connected this year🌏 were our most Butter-ful moments, !
Thank you for a Butterful 2021💜

저희의 모든 버터풀한 순간은 전 세계 아미 여러분들과 연결된 모든 순간이었습니다!🌏
멋진 2021년 만들어주셔서 감사합니다💜

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Edits By Lisa
Edits By Lisa преди месец
I never thought someone who don't even know me can make me so happy🥺💜 i love them so much they literally changed my life
💜XxArmyforeverxX 💜
💜XxArmyforeverxX 💜 преди 4 дни
@Steve Rogers Music stay quiet if you don’t have anything to say
채은 преди 5 дни
Hubert Pallany
Hubert Pallany преди 11 дни
she was not the real lisa to know who is the real lisa is ...... you must see lilifilm when you see that name its mean that she is the real lisa
ko ko
ko ko преди 12 дни
@Steve Rogers Music ٢٢ثثثثثثثثثثثثث٢٢ثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثث٢٢ثثثثثثثثث
ko ko
ko ko преди 12 дни
@Steve Rogers Music ثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثث
Ray Mak
Ray Mak преди 25 дни
Thanks BTS and ARMYS for making 2021 amazing ❤️
💜XxArmyforeverxX 💜
💜XxArmyforeverxX 💜 преди 4 дни
Valerie Lopez
Valerie Lopez преди 7 дни
Your welcome Army forever 💜💜
Yellow And Slimey YT
Yellow And Slimey YT преди 23 дни
💜յմղցkօօkíҽ 💜
💜յմղցkօօkíҽ 💜 преди 24 дни
Fucixal преди 28 дни
B - Biggest and the best band ever! T - Talent and the one and only! S - Something we will never forget!
💜XxArmyforeverxX 💜
💜XxArmyforeverxX 💜 преди 4 дни
Black.Barbie💅🏾 преди 19 дни
CRISTIMEVA преди 27 дни
BTS como siempre haciendo historia.Vamos por más años juntos."BTSARMY"
Cinthya Alexandra
Cinthya Alexandra преди 21 ден
Que así sea!!! A votar y hacer stream ^^ tmb apoyarlos
K-ARMY преди 29 дни
This year is so memorable for BTS and ARMY's 😭 my seven boys, you'll deserve all of this! I'm so proud to all of you as your certified fan! Let's stay until 100 and more!! Borahae!!💜💜💜
— 𝗗𝗔𝗡𝗬 ★ ?!
— 𝗗𝗔𝗡𝗬 ★ ?! преди 29 дни
Y pensar que estuve presente en el en fandom cuando todo esto sucedió... dios, no quiero que termine nunca
Zaine Neves
Zaine Neves преди 13 часа
Um dia precisa ter um fim, os meninos precisam descansar. Construir família. E sempre será lembrado em nossos corações 💕
Cinthya Alexandra
Cinthya Alexandra преди 13 дни
Si jamás va a terminar♡
mysterious преди 14 дни
yes never
★ . . . 𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙣𝙮
★ . . . 𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙣𝙮 преди 27 дни
Carlita Purple Butterfly
Carlita Purple Butterfly преди 29 дни
Un año más por estar agradecida de como ellos cambiaron mi vida, los amaré y los seguiré amando hasta el final.
K - P O P ♡
K - P O P ♡ преди 27 дни
Butter es una canción que a rompido récords y a sacudido el mundo una vez más, butter es una canción que definitivamente salvó este 2021
Sanjana K
Sanjana K преди 28 дни
Seeing this made me realise how much they have done for us armys this year.....I really hope they make use of their break as effectively as possible as they really deserve it.....and come back healthier and happier than ever 💜💜💜💜
jinnie eats
jinnie eats преди месец
thank you for working hard this year too, bts ♡ thank you for making our days brighter and for putting a smile on our faces. i wish you happiness everyday, love you sm
★ . . . 𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙣𝙮
★ . . . 𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙣𝙮 преди 27 дни
@🌟 Supreme Leader in the World twice does not have the awards or the dominations of BTS, cry baby.
💥[]MeyB_17[]💥 преди 29 дни
@Светлана Лыдина x2
💥[]MeyB_17[]💥 преди 29 дни
@BANGTANᄋᄉᄋ si
💥[]MeyB_17[]💥 преди 29 дни
@مهرين tienes toda la razón
Светлана Лыдина
Светлана Лыдина преди месец
So true! Thanks to BTS and your videos, I could enjoy this year. Love!
Ariana Hernandez
Ariana Hernandez преди 25 дни
This year flew to be honest and they accomplished so much happy holidays to everyone 💜 let’s keep working hard in 2022
Sandra PL-ARMY
Sandra PL-ARMY преди 29 дни
I am so proud of BTS !!! You have achieved a lot and will achieve much more. ARMY is very proud of you. Thank you all for this year full of emotions, pride, happiness and so on ... Thank you for great music for your words, wonderful concerts and everything else. You guys are amazing BTS-the best. Let the next few years be even better. ARMY and BTS always together. We love you!💜
bts преди 26 дни
Bts son los mejores, ustedes nos hacen reír nos hacen feliz,en cada momento que estamos tristes ustedes nos alegran ,ustedes son los mejores y siempre están unidos ,siempre se apoyan como nosotr@s a ustedes y espero que les vaya muy bien ,y gracias por estè año que nos hicieron felices que siempre nos apoyan que siempre nos sacan una sonrisa que apresar de todo ustedes hacen un esfuerzo para mejorar en lo que hacen y eso nos alegra mucho y nosotr@s aremos todo para que ustedes también sean felices los queremos bts (muchas gracias por todo y gracias por este año que nos hicieron muy feliz)♥️🥰
Jazmin Serrano
Jazmin Serrano преди 22 дни
Te amo tanto 2021, nos diste hermosos momentos con bangtan, hermosos premios, más felicidad, más amor. Fue un año de bts y Army
I’m SUBBING to EVERYONE who SUBBS to ME преди месец
”Congrats to everyone who is early and found this comment”
dannelix7 преди 26 дни
Ashly Rivera
Ashly Rivera преди месец
@Steve Rogers Music bro wtf chill you are just jealous because they are better than you so boy be quiet and go watch Dora
Esther Lalramzaui
Esther Lalramzaui преди месец
Early 🥺😭💜
HorseLover4Life преди месец
@Steve Rogers Music We don’t have to hear ur music to know your a liar. Insulting BTS isn’t the way to make ppl like you or ur music…
Purple преди месец
Kainat Ahmed Aziz
Kainat Ahmed Aziz преди 25 дни
B - Best T- Talented S - South Korea's Pride BTS is the definition of perfection
Carol Jung Hoseok
Carol Jung Hoseok преди 22 дни
O orgulho de vcs só aumenta cada dia, ano que passa. Orgulho Enorme de vcs 🤧✨💜
Veronica Real
Veronica Real преди 26 дни
7 hermosos , talentosos , maravillosos coreanos .. los amamos BTS💜 SE MERECEN ESO Y MAS
harshita shukla
harshita shukla преди 28 дни
Before meeting them I was literally begging everyone to stay in my life, those people didn't even deserve me, I was so broken but I met BTS in 2019 and my life is completely changed 💜 thank you BTS
Billie lisa
Billie lisa преди месец
Extrañaré el 2021 solamente por BTS 😭💜
@🌟 Supreme Leader in the World dude I just reported u
Santiago H.
Santiago H. преди 29 дни
୨୧ bri
୨୧ bri преди 29 дни
@🌟 Supreme Leader in the World no
ailed palafox
ailed palafox преди 29 дни
@Laura Torres somos 2 y no me arrepiento:3
Tania Pineda
Tania Pineda преди 29 дни
También 🧈💜😭
StayArmy Moa
StayArmy Moa преди 28 дни
gracias a todas las Armys por apoyar a nuestros chicos miren todo lo que hemos conseguido, con tanto esfuerzo mil gracias, y mas apoyo, para que sigamos adelante soy StayArmy ¡vamos por mas chicas y chicos 🤩💜🖤✌🏻
Bruna Damasceno
Bruna Damasceno преди 22 дни
Olhar esse vídeo que tem 01:38 minutos, é olhar pra trás e dizer: quantos momentos a gente viveu, obrigado bts.
Yanka B-army⁷💜
Yanka B-army⁷💜 преди 29 дни
Bons tempos! Foram momentos incríveis que vivemos e me sinto muito orgulhosa por cada conquista!💜🥺
Sweet Suga
Sweet Suga преди 28 дни
Another memorable year with another memorable band 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜Love you BTS and ARMY!!!!!🥰
Pars преди месец
B : Best T : Talented S : South Korea's Pride BTS is the definition of perfection!
Regina Martins
Regina Martins преди месец
Love this....
Joel John
Joel John преди месец
True ! Even the group name has a perfection name in the letters .
🦋 ֢ ϻꭤꝵꐔ࿐
🦋 ֢ ϻꭤꝵꐔ࿐ преди 28 дни
Me sinto tão feliz por fazer parte de tudo isso, porque eu sei o quanto vocês merecem todos esses reconhecimentos e prêmios, amo muito vocês. 💜💜
Bangtan_A.r.m.y_JkBiased преди 28 дни
They achieved so much in 2021, another very successful year for them. And even more to come in 2022, i wish them all the best. Always proud of everything they accomplish ❤️👏
Evelyn Moreno
Evelyn Moreno преди 2 дни
Tengo tanto que agradecerle a Bangtan por ese año tan maravilloso, ellos me salvaron una vez mas, me sacaron tantas sonrisas que espero algun dia poder decirles todo lo que siento por ellos 🥺💜
Tu Oppa Jin
Tu Oppa Jin преди 6 дни
Aún no puedo superar todo lo que han logrado este 2021, BTS son unos GRANDES!!!
roumin преди месец
At moments like this, I remember Namjoon's line: "You'd be proud to be a fan of us."
Camila Ríos
Camila Ríos преди месец
pls no 😭
Sheela Delrey
Sheela Delrey преди месец
That was Hobi 2020
Namjoon Vsonion
Namjoon Vsonion преди месец
Why are you making me cry
Emily Jackson
Emily Jackson преди 28 дни
BTS truly are amazing, we don’t just love them because of their music we love them because of who they are and what they stand for
Jung Melanie
Jung Melanie преди 28 дни
Con un 2022 lleno de más bellos y hermosos momentos .. y con un tour que llegue a México 😭💜🤝🏼
Maria Ayvar
Maria Ayvar преди 29 дни
Sin duda eh pasado los mejores momentos de mi vida en este año 2021 al lado Bangtan. Verlos que con el tiempo muchas mas personas conocen su música, ellos tienen tan merecido todo lo que han logrado con su música este año, son los mejores...
Samantha Castillo
Samantha Castillo преди 28 дни
Perdón, se me metió un "estoy tan orgullosa de lo mucho que están logrando y sé que lograrán" en el ojo 💜
Xurmatoy Rahimova
Xurmatoy Rahimova преди месец
B - Best T - Talented S - South Korea's Pride BTS is the definition of perfection!
☘𝙆𝙞𝙢.𝙃𝙞𝙫𝙖☘ преди месец
Sara Karthikeyan
Sara Karthikeyan преди месец
To be honest no one is perfect! But for us they are more than perfect because we love them alot...when u love someone so badly and hard everything will be perfect in that journey...
Evelyn Hernández
Evelyn Hernández преди 29 дни
BTS haciendo historia, estoy muy orgullosa de ellos🥺💜
Baby_Bunny🔥🔥 преди 25 дни
They literally changed my life.. I never knew that the people who are very far from me and don't even know me will become precious for me.. Thank you BTS for coming in my life 💜😭
Li Villeda
Li Villeda преди 28 дни
Nos dieron tantos momentos vdd felicidad. 💜
Cyberhopew преди 28 дни
Foi um ano incrível com vcs meninos, vamos fica juntos por um longo tempo🥺💜 amo voceeees
Golu Badshah
Golu Badshah преди месец
B - Best T- Talented S - South Korea's Pride BTS is the definition of perfection
pablo suy
pablo suy преди 27 дни
@Robin Skull jajajajajajaja
𝗝𝗔𝗬𝗞𝗔𝗬 преди 27 дни
@Robin Skull bruh who are you
★ . . . 𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙣𝙮
★ . . . 𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙣𝙮 преди 27 дни
@Robin Skull nobody knows you HAHA
Robin Skull
Robin Skull преди 28 дни
pornissean parrrapiooo
pornissean parrrapiooo преди 25 дни
I have no words on how to say thank you to you guys! You made this depressing year of mine into something great, joyful amd memorable....u guys mean the world to me! Love you loads and take care, Happy holidays to you!! Borahae 💜💜
bel преди 21 ден
gracias a ustedes chiquis
kim Namjoon
kim Namjoon преди 21 ден
Todo esfuerzo tiene su recompensa y todo eso se merece BTS.
BTS ARMY преди 24 дни
Thank you BTS for making our 2021 so much better.....Let's make history together in 2022.. BTS ARMY FOREVER 💜
K-POP LIFE преди месец
Even with struggles, Armys and Bangtan have experienced happiness with each other 💜
Jill Hileman
Jill Hileman преди месец
So well said 💜
The special one
The special one преди месец
Well received! 😎😘😋
•Lil White Heart•
•Lil White Heart• преди месец
@Robin Skull yep. You're really at composing worst random sound effects👁👄👁
•Lil White Heart•
•Lil White Heart• преди месец
@Robin Skull bish, not you too🤨attention seeker. Pernah kena maki tak?
Nimchi7_아미🐣 преди месец
big fan of bts 👇
Queen Spring Day
Queen Spring Day преди 9 дни
BTS has become a very important part of my life. I can imagine myself growing old and grey but still listening to their music and get inspired every now and then. THANK YOU BTS FOR A BUTTERFUL 2021. Long live, kings.
Mayr преди 21 ден
Pase todo mi 2021 junto a BTS así que esperó seguir junto a BTS en 2022🥺💜
Emma Gonçalves
Emma Gonçalves преди 27 дни
I'm so proud of them for this year they did an incredible work!! 💜💜
Jenyogurt♡ преди 21 ден
Gracias BTS por un gran año junto a ustedes 🥺💜
 ShortHax преди месец
It’s amazing how these years performances were the first in 2 years
Joel John
Joel John преди месец
@Jong Ngob Studio pls do it by hardworking like drawing or gaming or whatever no spam pls
B_U_T_T_E_R преди месец
@Jong Ngob Studio stop spamming and try to gain subscribers with ur own hardwork
The special one
The special one преди месец
Well received! 😎😘😋
Aishwarya Deshmukh
Aishwarya Deshmukh преди месец
Taiwan is a country 🇹🇼
Taiwan is a country 🇹🇼 преди месец
Hey I've seen you in commentary channels like Pegasus and Optimus (i think it was you) didn't expect you to be here lol
danibinnie♡ преди 28 дни
Se merecen esto y más
Miriam Guadalupe
Miriam Guadalupe преди 28 дни
Fue un año maravilloso gracias a ustedes :3
💜BTS fan girl💜
💜BTS fan girl💜 преди 22 дни
I never expected that one day 7 boys who didn't even know my name will became my everything but that's why we say life is unpredictable and after knowing you guys my life all changed and much more happier then before . Thanku for being in my life 💜💛
Isabel Avila
Isabel Avila преди 29 дни
Es que es simple este año ocurrieron muchas cosas felices gracias a BTS, con ellos los momentos son más bonitos y realmente se quieren recordar esos momentos; como por ejemplo: - La colaboración entre coldplay y BTS, que fue grandioso y me dejo con la boca abierta - Colaboración con Megan, realmente estuve sorprendida -El concierto de BTS -Las presentaciones -Las entrevistas -Los bailes En resumen, necesitas a BTS en tu vida =´)
⟭⟬ JK KIM ⟬⟭
⟭⟬ JK KIM ⟬⟭ преди месец
*Everyone: "This is the worst year ever."* *BTS: "Sorry but not for us."* *STAN BTS FOR BUTTER LIFE*
Lamine Boulkroune
Lamine Boulkroune преди 29 дни
لين اسوى عام
Dream'catcher_ преди месец
Yess 😃👍
Devaram Shinde
Devaram Shinde преди месец
But for army's is best year
Kiandra Paredes Colana
Kiandra Paredes Colana преди 28 дни
Los logros y todo el reconocimiento que tuvieron los chicos este año 💜
maría josé murillo
maría josé murillo преди 29 дни
se lo merecen, estoy orgullosa de ustedes hoy y siempre ♡
Cake Fake
Cake Fake преди 14 дни
Thanks BTS and ARMY for the "SMOOTH LIKE BUTTER" year🧈😘😘💜
💜յմղցkօօkíҽ 💜
💜յմղցkօօkíҽ 💜 преди 24 дни
그들은 너무 화끈하고 귀엽다. 💜💜💜💜🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😘😘😘😘
Park Mochi
Park Mochi преди месец
Everyone: " this is the worst year " ARMY " sorry, but not for us " STAN BTS FOR A BUTTER LIFE!!
IU преди 29 дни
cloudie ☁️
cloudie ☁️ преди 29 дни
Please stop this boring comment
Bindhya💜 преди 29 дни
@DONT we can't even read it because it is to small
Hetal Pandya
Hetal Pandya преди 29 дни
This is facts!
Jimin's lost Jam on the Dance Floor
Jimin's lost Jam on the Dance Floor преди 29 дни
@DONT We won't read 🥱
yoon_sprng преди 27 дни
THANK YOU for making our 2021 memorable and for giving us a beautiful masterpiece that give us comfort and happiness
Gabs преди 22 дни
amo vcs 💜💜
may преди 28 дни
and thank you, for making my 2021 the best and special 😭😭 I honestly would not know what I would be doing rn without you guys hoping for a better year for 2022, merry christmas & a happy new year everyone
Dimple преди 8 дни
estoy feliz por haber compartido todo este año con ellos ❤️
Tu Oppa Jin
Tu Oppa Jin преди 6 дни
X2 tan feliz estoy
Mang Humano
Mang Humano преди месец
Estamos de acuerdo de que BTS es el mejor grupo y que ya son historia, se esforzaron mucho para estar donde están.
Lali ami Stan Camilo
Lali ami Stan Camilo преди месец
La historia aún continua , pero si ellos ya son leyendas ✨
Samira Rahimi
Samira Rahimi преди 28 дни
woah… they’ve come so far… IM SO HALPY!! YOU DESERVE THE WORLD! I purple you BTS 💜💜
Lotus van Bijnen
Lotus van Bijnen преди 27 дни
so proud of the boys, it was an amazing year
EJ Bartolome
EJ Bartolome преди 28 дни
Congratulations to all who have discovered and witnessed your wonderful music and artistry. We look forward to the new year and may it be bring happiness, forever more~
Andrea Vargas
Andrea Vargas преди 15 дни
Aclara Silva
Aclara Silva преди месец
Obrigado BTS por nos proporcionar momentos tão incríveis amo voces 💜
Najmus Saher
Najmus Saher преди месец
@lili they just need attention so just ignore them
The special one
The special one преди месец
Well received! 😎😘😋
Nimchi7_아미🐣 преди месец
army pra sempre 💜❤
army pra sempre 💜❤ преди месец
vrdd tbm amo eles de mais
lili преди месец
@🌟 Supreme Leader in the World ??
Agus преди 28 дни
Los amo chicos :(💜
Ayu noviyanti
Ayu noviyanti преди 29 дни
2021 is the first year I got to know you, I'm happy to know you, thank you for being my mood booster this year, this year has been very hard but after I got to know you I feel everything. it'll be fine, thanks for accompanying me sorry I'm new to you guys I hope we can always be together in the years to come!! i love you so much💜😭
Lorrienne Tenorio
Lorrienne Tenorio преди 28 дни
They are the highlight of my 2021. Thank u for bringing so much joy to my heart, you guys make me whole :"((
KAJOL SINGH преди 29 дни
This is beautiful butterful sum up of 2021! All my hearts to BTS💜💜💜
Reshma Khan
Reshma Khan преди месец
True fact : Everyone agrees that BTS is a melting everyone's heart with their Butter-ful 😄💜
Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez преди 29 дни
Hey I am army 💜
lucy macharia
lucy macharia преди 25 дни
Sofi Manginelli
Sofi Manginelli преди 27 дни
Thank you for everything. It's a joy to be able to witness Bangtan's growth and success every year. Proud to be an Army 💜
Crazy_Kookie преди 27 дни
Why does this make me so emotional?😭🖤 I’ll miss this year and I love you ARMY and BTS♥️💜
𝐾𝑖𝑚 태태 🦋
𝐾𝑖𝑚 태태 🦋 преди 22 дни
Thank you BTS for this unforgettable memories.💜
Kristina Krutogolovaya
Kristina Krutogolovaya преди 22 дни
That was the best year in my life, cause on 13th February I met these guys. The only thing I want to ask Santa for as a New Year's gift is the opportunity to move on through my whole life with BTS in my heart. I love them so much, and I'm thankful to them endlessly for everyday they lived and will live.
beomgyunie :0
beomgyunie :0 преди 22 дни
Thank you BTS for spending this year with ARMY as well!! We always will appreciate your presence in our lives
heneral luna
heneral luna преди 28 дни
awww im touched at how much love, recognition and appreciation they give to us ARMYs... Cheers to more love and success to all ARMYs, the company and to our one and only BTS!!!
Yoon glory
Yoon glory преди 28 дни
BTS is together in all the processes in everyday life. May love and peace always be with you.
BTS ATEEZ преди месец
B : Best T : Talented S : South Korea's Pride BTS is the definition of perfection!🔥
@BTS_ARMY💜 преди месец
@Steve Rogers Music oh really!? It looks like someone's jealous. Aaagh u better be they deserves the jealousy!! So shutt up!
Steve Rogers Music
Steve Rogers Music преди месец
@BTS_ARMY💜 преди месец
That's true!!!
⟭⟬ Gene ⟬⟭
⟭⟬ Gene ⟬⟭ преди 13 дни
Gracias por estar a mi lado en este 2021 fue un gran año para ustedes y en mi caso pude hacer nuevas cosas y aprender de todo ello! Los amo más que ayer y menos que mañana💜
elysse !
elysse ! преди 27 дни
Thank you bts and to fellow ARMYs! We all worked hard this year, thank you for making this year incredible despite the pandemic. You guys made me happy this year and I really appreciate it. Merry Christmas and a Happy new year ♡
ori преди 22 дни
gracias por todos lo que hicieron este año, ustedes me hicieron muy feliz y orgullosa de ser army, los amo bangtan 🥺💜
ARMY💜 BTS💜 преди 27 дни
I never thought someone who don't even know me can make me so happy 💜i love them so much they literally changed my life 💜💜
Щукина Алевтина
Щукина Алевтина преди месец
Спасибо вам, ребята за то, что вы есть с нами!!!! Давайте следующий год проведём ещё лучше!!!
Joel John
Joel John преди 29 дни
I like ur prp what's it called pls tell
Sasha White
Sasha White преди месец
@Robin Skull well... haters gonna hate.. that's what you are 😊
The special one
The special one преди месец
Well received! 😎😘😋
Tahira Begum
Tahira Begum преди месец
BTS I am your 💜🅐🅡🅜🅨⁷⟬⟭💜 forever
Bangten world 💜💜
Bangten world 💜💜 преди месец
@🌟 Supreme Leader in the World u can say that we'll not get angry we will not fight with u because army have big heart ❤️💜
Stardust преди 28 дни
Such a wonderful edit. 🙌 Summed up 2021so well.
Beatriz Bia
Beatriz Bia преди 27 дни
Bangtan, eu te amo muito!!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
NIPATSA преди 28 дни
This has to be their best year. They had achieved so much ✨
Monica преди 2 дни
We are so proud your achievement guy's 👏 keep it up all goals in your life 🥰 We love you forever BTS 💜
K°T M преди месец
Este 2021 quedará grabado en mi corazón pq la pasé increíble, este año los conocí y fue lo mejor que me pasó en la vida, sus canciones son de otro mundo, son mi medicina, ellos son mi salvación, los amo tanto💜
جيون جونكوك
جيون جونكوك преди месец
اتمنى ان التقي بهم
esther gomez
esther gomez преди месец
gguk преди месец
que bonito djslsk
Génesis преди месец
Gaby Garavito
Gaby Garavito преди месец
Shari A.
Shari A. преди 27 дни
La mejor decisión de este año fue empezar a amarlos, me han ayudado mucho en poco tiempo y estaré infinitamente agradecida 🥺💕
J. T. Maston
J. T. Maston преди 28 дни
Tres años maravillosos a su lado es díficil de describir, los amo es lo único que puedo articular en palabras, y seguiré aquí con ustedes, ARMY los llevará a lugares jamás explorados, vamos a llevarlos a la cima más grande, siempre juntos, el mundo no ha visto nada aún, esperen que esto recién comienza, con ustedes hasta el final de mis días
Ailee1292 преди 28 дни
Thank you BTS for giving me the best 2021 you really helped me out of being in a depressive state and gave me better mental health to get up in the morning. Love you all so much I wish 2022 will be just as amazing! 💜
Moontaha преди 27 дни
Thank you Bangtan for this Butter-ful year. You made us proud enormous time. Love and respect you guys so much.
Gabzie преди месец
As an ARMY that has followed them for years... I'm not so much involved in everything anymore due to being older; studying, working, etc., but BTS is still my family. They are still the ones I turn to when I'm sad. Their music still inspires me and motivates me to keep fighting for myself and my future. This bond between BTS and ARMY is so special and you'll only understand it once you've experienced. Thank you for sharing this bond with me... with us. Your light brightens the world more than you know it. Xoxo
Joel John
Joel John преди месец
True, but I don't usually spend my time watching them, as I'm quite very young, but I'm happy I got to know them they just make me happy when I'm sad. BTS has to be the best group of the decade.
좋은 하루 보내세요!
좋은 하루 보내세요! преди месец
This is so true, I also often find myself not having enough time to catch up with all the things happening but what matters is the love, the magic bond that connects us all 💜
Kaitlyn Ted
Kaitlyn Ted преди месец
Me too I am still an army but I don't keep up with like all the stuff I only see the important ones like when they upload and stuff 😁💞
el sprite de hobi
el sprite de hobi преди 27 дни
And they will continue to make history !!! ✨🙌🏻 victories 🏆
don't put bts kim line in the same room
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